We work with publishers, site owners, and data partners on 2 fronts to monetize their audience data.

1. Partner Branded Programmatic Platform Solution

We provide a white label programmatic platform solution whereby we consult on our partner’s advertising channel launch, provide pricing, and full client execution services under the partner brand.

Our partners simply need to add the new advertising channel to their media kits and sell it – we take care of all the rest.

Monetize your audiences – add our programmatic ad channel today.

Programmatic Advertising Publiser Partnerships

2. Media Buyers

As media buyers we generate new ad revenue for our publishing partners via requests to reach their audiences through data onboarding and advertising to these readers programmatically.

Audience onboarding can be done horizontally across a publisher’s properties thereby creating new audiences to which to advertise to.

We also generate revenue for our publishing partners with audience retargeting requests whereby we simply add a pixel to their site and retarget traffic after they leave.

Monetize your audiences – advertise them today.

Advertise Your Audience

Add new clients and monetize your existing online and print audiences through audience onboarding.

You have the audiences, and we have non-traditional clients interested in programmatically advertising to them.

You may even wish to offer your clients the same programmatic advertising option.

Programmatic Channel Partner

Increase your publishing revenue by adding programmatic advertising to your media kit.

Allow your advertisers to target your existing audiences in new ways.

Offer non-traditional clients your programmatic advertising services.

You sell the service. We take care of all the rest.

We ensure advertisers reach their precise audience, at the appropriate scale.